When and how you met
Tyler and I met when we were about 6 years old. We played youth basketball together and then went to elementary school together. Tyler was my 4th grade “boyfriend”, but when we moved on to intermediate and middle school we lost touch. When high school came along we started to become friends again and hung out. At the end of our senior year we started to get to know each other again and began dating. After a year of distance we both ended up in College Station and attending school at Texas A&M University.

Proposal details
After we had been dating for 3 years, on Easter Weekend Tyler told me we were going on a nice date. I got dressed up and he picked me up. However, instead of going on a date he took me back to the elementary school we went to all those years ago. He told me we were going on an Easter Egg hunt on the playground. The first egg I found was in a tree. While I was opening it Tyler got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. When I turned around and saw him he asked me to marry him! After the proposal we got to go eat and celebrate with our family and friends.
Bridal party info
Matron of Honor: Lyndsey Vann- Sister
Bridesmaid: Bailey Garcia- College friend
Bridesmaid: Haley Dennard- High School Friend
Bridesmaid: Kylee Kouba- College friend/roommate
Bridesmaid: Mikaela Barth- College friend/roommate
Bridesmaid: Ashton Peterson- Childhood friend
Bridesmaid: Mandy Padron- Middle School friend
Best Man: Colton White- Brother
Groomsman: Ethan Stallard- Childhood friend
Groomsman: Trey Little- Childhood friend
Groomsman: Taylor Shields- Childhood friend
Groomsman: Zachary Minckler- College friend
Groomsman: Collin Acox- Middle School friend
Groomsman: Michael Hicks- Childhood friend
We are so thankful for everyone who took time out of their holiday to come to celebrate with us!