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    Where is the best rustic “Texas Experience” cowboy-boot ranch-type of venue to get married in the DFW area?

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    carry livinsky

    The springs gets my vote – all in one venue, they have many locations, and offer alot of different options.

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    Laura Elyea

    The 1899 Farmhouse out by Lavon Lake gets my vote. Great place to get ready, they have a swimming pool behind a quaint country house, and several choices to have the ceremony – a covered reception area – and they are very flexible in all the packages they offer

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    Lynda Holden
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    can you please give us our videos! You took everything down and never completed the contract. Please just give me the raw footage and ill deal with it.

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    Erika Fuertes

    You are scum on my shoe. How could you just take my money, invite yourself into my childhood home and on our special day only to not deliver ANY videos. We got married August 5, 2017 and have no videos to cherish from that day. We’ve tried reaching out to you via email, phone, Facebook, here, and even driving to the fake address you have listed on your website. Expect legal action from us!!

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