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Beth and Jordan got hitched 9 9 17

Feeling Too Stressed to Sleep Before Your Big Day?

What to do If You’re Feeling Too Stressed to Sleep Before Your Big Day

Many soon-to-be spouses find themselves to be exhausted, yet too stressed out to sleep before their wedding day. It’s a common phenomenon. However, you don’t have to put up with a sleepless night before your wedding. Here are some things you can try to during the day before your wedding to help you look and feel more rested on the first day of the rest of your life.

Separate Yourself From Your Stress

If you’re a parent, childcare shouldn’t be something that you have to worry about in the few hours left before your wedding. Let someone else worry about things like that.  Hire a babysitter for a few hours so you can take care of yourself without worrying about that little person.

Or, if you are traveling and don’t know any babysitters in the area, try asking a family member or a wedding party guest. Chances are, they’ll be more than happy to take your little charmer off your hands for a few hours.

If you find yourself worrying about your child, try using a baby monitor to check in every once in a while.

Do Some Self Care

Since you got some free time for a few hours, spend some time on yourself. Do something that you enjoy and haven’t been doing much of lately, like watching a television show or taking a long, hot bath with a relaxing scented candle or bath bomb. Put on some relaxing music and daydream a little while you steam.

If you like to do face, hand or foot masks, make sure you choose one that won’t cause your face to redden or your skin to peel, to make sure you look your best on your big day.

Spend Time With Your Partner

Spending time with your partner is what getting married is all about, so why not start your marriage off the way you want to spend it? Try and work in some light exercise like yoga or walking together, or get intimate if you like. These kinds of activities will help you to relax by that come along with exercise, but not keep you up all night because of the adrenaline from a heavier workout. You do want to do a heavier workout, do it in the morning or the early afternoon

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Carina & Todd got hitched November 17, 2018

Wedding Planner:

Rebecca Anthony 11 24 18

Rebecca and Anthony got hitched November 24, 2018

Wedding Planner:

Tanner Ashley 11 17 18

Tanner and Ashley got hitched November 17, 2018

How did you meet? We met in high school through FFA and we reconnected through Facebook after college.

Proposal? He proposed to me at church on Christmas Eve morning in front of the congregation. He had the preacher pray over us then he proposed.
Matron of Honor: My matron of honor, Ashton White, was my roommate and softball teammate in college. I was also in her wedding.
  • Paige Winters – we went to high school together and got super close after I got out of college. She is one of my very good friends and I will be in her wedding this coming November.
  • Andrea Davis – I met her through team roping this past year, and we just clicked. I feel like I’ve known her for my whole life.
  • Ashton Ashford – I met her through Tanner. Her new husband, Jake, was Tanners Best Man. We also get along very well and are good friends. She is my “spirit animal.”
  • Whitney Robinson – she is another one of my college softball teammates. We were pretty tight in college and she is such an awesome person.
  • Shyanne Smith – She is Tanner’s sister. We get along very well, and was so happy she was able to be a part of our big day.
Best Man: Jake Ashford. They met while in college through team roping and they were inseparable. He and Tanner talk just about daily.
  • Aaron Duck- Tanner met Aaron at a get together in junior college and they have been like brothers ever since.
  • Greg Temples- Tanner met Greg through some really good family friends of his.
  • Casey Cooper- Tanner says he doesn’t even really remember how they met, he just knows he has been around his whole life. Lol.
  • Cole Derrick- Tanner met Cole through team roping. They are very good friends.
  • Trevor Baldwin- he also met Trevor through roping and are good buddies.

Something most may not know: Most people know that Tanner got so nervous proposing to me that he accidentally said: “Merry Christmas” instead of “will you marry me” while proposing. He made me ride with him to where we were eating to celebrate so he could “ask me right”. Some may not know that.

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Anna and Powers got hitched October 20, 2018, Soli Dio Gloria in Decatur,TX

Wedding Planner:

Becca Kenneth 11 10 18

Becca and Kennith

Becca and Kenneth got hitched November 10, 2018, at Lucky Spur Ranch, Justin TX

Wedding Planner:

Rachel and Justin 12 8 18

Rachel and Justin

Rachel and Justin got hitched December 8, 2018, at Wisteria Place, Mesquite, TX

Neither of us quite remember the first time we were formally introduced if ever! We had mutual friends and colleagues and were at a lot of the same social engagements. We didn’t start being romantically involved until a few years after that.

We started dating in 2014

Our daughter Josephine was our ring bearer and our daughter Evelyn was the flower girl. Officiant was Eric Venegas Renee Sitton (Rachel’s sister) did the reading

We both feel like we are kicking past our coverage with the other!


Megan and Cole 11 10 18

Megan and Cole

Megan and Cole got hitched November 11, 2018 at Hotel Crescent Court, Dallas TX

Wedding Planner: Kimberly Fisk

How did you meet? We met in March of 2012 in Stillwater Oklahoma. Megan was visiting her cousin (and MOH), Katie in Stillwater— Katie was going out that night with friends to celebrate her friend Cole’s new job in Dallas. Megan and Cole first met when Cole tried to get into Katie’s car and almost sat on top of Megan (who he did not see was already sitting in the back seat). They spent the rest of the night getting to know each other and celebrating Cole’s new job. Megan gave Cole her phone number under the pretense of helping him find an apartment in the Dallas area as Megan is from Dallas and Cole was unfamiliar with the area at the time.
How long ago? 6 years ago
Proposal details: We went on a European vacation in 2016 just before Megan started graduate school in Galveston. Cole planned for months to propose on the trip though Megan had no idea. While in Paris having breakfast on a bench looking at the Eiffel tower Cole asked Megan to stand up for a picture. Megan stood up and Cole dropped down on one knee and proposed. There was no one else around despite being at one of the most popular places in Paris. It was cool out, very serene, and it was a very special moment for just the two of us.
Bridal party info: Best man: Jarad Elston, Groomsmen: Jordan Hurd, Garrett Fellers, Ryan Cox, Daniel Dunagan, Matron of Honor: Katie Cox, Bridesmaids: Kathryn Slagle, Lily Thompson, Lauren Coats, Brenna Buchanan, Laura Nelon
Who came in from out of town? More than half the wedding guests came into town for the wedding— Cole’s family from Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas— Megan’s family from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, Washington, Tennessee, Louisiana—  Friends from Wisconsin, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, and all over the state of Texas

Rebecca and Cole

Rebecca and Cole

Rebecca and Cole got hitched July 28, 2018 at The Brooks at Weatherford 1185 West Lake Drive Weatherford, Texas, 76087.


We met in high school at his family produce stand. My mother had a little bit of a watermelon obsession and I happened to be grounded that day, so she made me drive her to the stand. When she saw Cole walk out to help us, she told me to get out of the car and get her watermelon. Being that I had on no makeup and a cute boy was working, I refused to get out. So like all smart mothers do, she had Cole carry the watermelon to the car inevitably seeing me! He later got my number and the rest is history!

Almost 7 years ago

One night we decided to go to a cute restaurant a few towns over. We ended up having a really great time! We decided we would go again and when the night came we got all dressed up. I had no idea. One night we decided to go to a cute restaurant a few towns over. We ended up having a really great time! We decided we would go again and Wednesday night came we got all dressed up. I had no idea that he was going to ask me to be his wife that night! I had always told Cole that it was going to be very hard to surprise me, but he proved me wrong. As we were praying over the meal, he began to pray for our future and our life as a married couple. Then he slid out of his chair, got on one knee, and asked me. It was perfect!

Our bridal party was made up of our closets friends from each phase of our lives. Friends that have been there from the beginning, and friends who we met later in life. It was amazing to see how everyone immediately clicked and it was as if we had all been lifelong friends.

I forgot my veil at home and realized it with only a few hours left before the ceremony. Because the guys didn’t want to try on their tuxes before leaving the store, one of the groomsman’s pants ended up being JR. sized. Cole’s brother-in-law has to run to town and buy him some regular black pants, however, he had to wear the jr. pants in all the photos!

The rusty pipe fittings and other rustic decor are all old oil well pieces from the oil wells that my grandfather and dad have kept throughout the years. It was so special getting to work something so meaningful into the decorations!



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