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Amanda and Tyler



When and how you met
How did we meet…. Great questions…. Bumble… ( yup I said it, just a touch classier then tinder!)

Now that we’ve established that.. lets talk about that amazing first date..

April 12th 2017 (The First Date): As many of you know I, Amanda, was finishing up my third year of veterinary school at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater OK. The past couple of years had been a whirlwind focusing on my education, career, and health. It wasn’t until my girlfriend and roommate introduced me to the app (Bumble) which, I later learn to be a blessing in disguise.

Tyler, an oilfield worker from Oklahoma City, had finally returned home from his 2 week rotation in west Texas. After a month of calling, texting, and video messaging, Tyler had asked me on a date for the first night he arrived back to Oklahoma City. His plan was take a nap while I was in class (he had been up for over 24hrs strait) and drive up to Stillwater for dinner.

That evening he arrived on my doorstep with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in his hand. Instantly I knew I was in a pickle. Our date consisted of shark tacos at Palominos Mexican Restaurant, Marble Slab Creamery for dessert and a sweet walk in the park as the night progressed. It was perfect, our time together was like we had known each other for years, he was funny, easy going, easy to talk to, LOVED ICE CREAM, and most importantly my sidekick/dog, Bailey, liked him!

As time progressed Tyler continued to support, encourage, and surprise me. It didn’t matter how crazy or stressed life seemed, he found ways to things easier. Just for an example some of you may know the NAVLE veterinary boards exam is every veterinary students larges fear. Its a 4 hour computerized exam full of random questions over a whole array of veterinary topics. As my testing date approached Tyler had taken it upon himself to fill my refrigerator and pantry with over 2 weeks of prepped meals before he went back again to west Texas for work. Furthermore Tyler scheduled time off from rotation to bring me to the testing center. After completing 4 hours of mind strenuous torture, Tyler was waiting in the parking lot. Their lied another beautiful set of flowers greeting me on my seat when I walked out. He truly was and is amazing.

How long ago
Proposal details
May 20, 2018 (The Proposal): While I could go on about how wonderful this man is, I cant finish without telling you about the wonderful day he bent down on one knee and proposed. After receiving my doctorate in Veterinary Medicine Tyler asked my parents for permission to take my hand in marriage. He had also booked an All-Inclusive vacation to Cancun, Mexico the following week. During our trip we had come across a small fun seafood restaurant we loved called Las Hijas De La Tostada. Without my awareness Tyler had spoke to the manager about his idea for a proposal. On our final night in Cancun, Tyler asked to go grab dinner where we had ate the previous night. As we sat down the manager we had met the night previously had come by to greet us. Suddenly I recognized the Bruno Mars song ” Marry You” playing over the sound system and the waitstaff surrounding us with sparklers in their hands. Before I realized what on earth was happening, Tyler was bent down on one knee with a ring in his hand! I’m sure you can guess what happened next. 😉
Bridal party info
Maid of honor: Hava Vital
Bridesmaid: Fawnak Ajdari
Bridesmaid: Daniele Whitney

Best man: Kirby Howell
Groomsman: Shaun Steen
Groomsman: Sheldon Johnson

Flower Girl: Devyn Holmes
People that came into town for the wedding
Brides Family (Northfield Massachusetts)
parents (Dan and Michele Whitney)
sister/bridesmaid (Daniele Whitney)
Aunt/uncle (Matt and Debbie Bazzani)

Grooms Family
parents (Scott and Adrianne Holmes) Oakwood OK
Aunt (Diane Johnson) Orlando FL
Groomsman/ cousin (Sheldon Johnson) Dayton OH
sister (Amber) & niece/flowergirl (Devyn Holmes) New Braunfels TX
Aunt (Kathleen Holmes) San Antonio TX

bridesmaid (Fawn Ajdari) OKC OK
Groomsman (Shaun steen and Kirby Howell) Edmond OK

all other guests are from Oklahoma and TExas
Funny things that most may know but some do not
Started our wedding planning Journey 1.5yrs ago in Texas where we were living at the time. June 2019 both Tyler and I moved to Fort Lauderdale FL where we both started new jobs.
Fall Creek Ranch
This is a beautiful 1200 acre ranch surrounded by trees, wildflowers, waterfalls and wildlife. We will be celebrating our big day with good food, fun games, and great entertainment. We hope that you mark your calendars and be ready for a good time. Please note, if weather permits, we will be having an outdoor ceremony and the temperature can drop after the sun goes down.

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