Megan and Cole 11 10 18

Megan and Cole

Megan and Cole got hitched November 11, 2018 at Hotel Crescent Court, Dallas TX

Wedding Planner: Kimberly Fisk

How did you meet? We met in March of 2012 in Stillwater Oklahoma. Megan was visiting her cousin (and MOH), Katie in Stillwater— Katie was going out that night with friends to celebrate her friend Cole’s new job in Dallas. Megan and Cole first met when Cole tried to get into Katie’s car and almost sat on top of Megan (who he did not see was already sitting in the back seat). They spent the rest of the night getting to know each other and celebrating Cole’s new job. Megan gave Cole her phone number under the pretense of helping him find an apartment in the Dallas area as Megan is from Dallas and Cole was unfamiliar with the area at the time.
How long ago? 6 years ago
Proposal details: We went on a European vacation in 2016 just before Megan started graduate school in Galveston. Cole planned for months to propose on the trip though Megan had no idea. While in Paris having breakfast on a bench looking at the Eiffel tower Cole asked Megan to stand up for a picture. Megan stood up and Cole dropped down on one knee and proposed. There was no one else around despite being at one of the most popular places in Paris. It was cool out, very serene, and it was a very special moment for just the two of us.
Bridal party info: Best man: Jarad Elston, Groomsmen: Jordan Hurd, Garrett Fellers, Ryan Cox, Daniel Dunagan, Matron of Honor: Katie Cox, Bridesmaids: Kathryn Slagle, Lily Thompson, Lauren Coats, Brenna Buchanan, Laura Nelon
Who came in from out of town? More than half the wedding guests came into town for the wedding— Cole’s family from Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas— Megan’s family from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, Washington, Tennessee, Louisiana—  Friends from Wisconsin, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, and all over the state of Texas
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