Wholly smokes! and best wedding videos!

best wedding videos ever

Hey there – boy what a year! We have had such a great time filming you guys, learning along the way – creating some of the best wedding videos ever! We have become more efficient (turn-around time was 4-6 months at beginning) now down to 4-6 weeks. Our gear is better than before, and our customer service is finally getting to where we want to be. Thank you for making us such a fast growing successful business – we love what we do and just get better and better!!

I would like to thank the people that have helped us get to here – Velga, my wife – with enduring enthusiasms and criticism and helping me steer the business straight, my daughter and son-in-law, Cassie and Raslan, who have learned the craft of videography have really become great assets to the company. And our great cameramen and women – Phil Miral and Chandler – each one bringing something special to the table.

I can not tell you how fun it is to show up to a venue that I’ve never been to before, meet a family and their friends that Ive never met before – and become so close by the end of the day – the most overwhelming theme in all the weddings we have been to is Love . . the love the newlyweds have for each other, and the love the family and friends have for each other. Such a great place to be! – and helping us create the best wedding videos ever



We are going on 2 years now in business – the first year was sooo dang busy we did have trouble keeping up – but now we are a lean machine with redundant gear and have many wedding under our belt.

Our photography talent is growing, and the gallery shows it


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