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A fly on the wall video style is great – but a few first person interviews with the bride or groom added here and there really adds a lot to the final video.  Its funny, when brides view our work in the vetting process – the interviews are what make the videos they watched special – but on their wedding day, a lot of times they are “deer in the headlights.” Either they are so overwhelmed with everything going on, or don’t want to say the wrong thing, or just the typical phenomenon that happens when someone who is not used to being on camera happens – so instead of trying to get the correct response we give up and no interviews make the final cut, which is a shame. Questions for the Bride helps with this

I’ve been giving it some thought and have been working on a list of questions to give the bride before the wedding that she can share with everyone, so when I come with the camera they have an idea of the questions coming.

Bride and Groom Interview Questions

  • How did you guys meet?
  • What was your first impression?
  • What was your first date?
  • What are your favorite things about the bride/groom?
  • Do you have a message for the bride/groom before you get married?
  • In what ways are you most alike?
  • In what ways are you most different?
  • How did the proposal go?
  • What are you looking forward to on your wedding day?
  • Why do you love the bride/groom?
  • What are your Honeymoon Plans?

Guestbook Wedding Interview Questions

  • What is your first memory of the wedding couple?
  • Do you know the story of how they met?
  • Do you have any advice for the couple on their big day?
  • Do you have any funny stories to share about the bride or groom?
  • Do you have any advice for a long and happy marriage?
  • What’s unique about them?

Funny Wedding Interview Questions

  • Who normally wins in a fight?
  • Any funny stories to tell about the bride and groom?
  • What guest will be the first take make a fool of themselves tonight?

There is another list of questions I ask the bride before the wedding – part of our “Questionairre” that helps us shoot and edit the wedding in the style the Bride hopes to see.

Dallas Wedding Videography tries to do everything we can in advance to make the special day as stress-less as possible. Bride Questions

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